Featured in the Glenview Sun-Times

Pete Canalia didn’t let one of the worst real estate markets in decades stop him from building his first homes in Glenview back in 2009. Why? According to the home builder and developer, it all came down to location and opportunity.

“I realized the amenities of the Glen, the schools and the desire of people wanting to live in the area,” said Canalia, who built six two story villas on West Lake Avenue, adjacent to the Southgate neighborhood of the Glen, “The market was soft, and people weren’t buying at the time, but the rental market was experiencing a high level of growth.”

When his first two townhomes were finished, Canalia bought one, and moved in with his wife and two children. He rented out his second finished home, and when the other four were completed, all of the units either sold or were rented.

Canalia, who is originally from Chicago started his Glenview based business, The PKPG Companies after moving back here from Tennessee, where he was a division president for a national home builder that built over 1000 homes per year.

“Working for a large builder in that role was more hands off, and I wasn’t involved in the actual building,” said Canalia, who had previously worked for two large builders in hands on capacities for over 10 years, “I wanted to get back into being part of the planning and the development process and the actual building of the homes.”

Since building his villas, Canalia has completed several substantial remodels in and around Glenview, and is currently in the process of building five more homes right next door to his original villas on West Lake. The project has been approved by the village of Glenview and will break ground in the spring.

Canalia designs all the homes he builds, but works with a Glenview based architect who he said brings his vision to life.

“Since the day I built my first home, I’ve always felt that my homes are something I’m putting my name on, and so I put a lot of pride into them, and I make sure they’re the best they can be,” said Canalia, who is also a licensed real estate broker for Koenig & Strey, “The homes I build look great, they feel substantially bigger because of the layout, and they are quality, nice living spaces.”

The Miskella family sold their Glenview home in 2010, and rented one of Canalia’s first villas.

“The quality of this home is very good, and it’s so pretty here,” said Denise Miskella, “We’ve never had any problems.”

The Miskella’s are one of three families who are renting Canalia’s villas, and who have contracted him to build their next home.

“It’s hard to make all the decisions that come with building a home,” said Miskella, “With Pete, we know what the baseline is. It’s going to be the same nice quality we are living in now. We trust him.”

“I include many features within my homes that are typically sold as upgrades,” said Canalia, “I do that so that the people buying within the neighborhoods are living in a similar home, with the price and the finishes all similar. It protects the value of the neighborhood.”

Canalia said he also makes sure there is a master landscape plan for the entire neighborhood, and that a lot of thought goes into the colors and the styles of the buildings and the outside, so that they are aesthetically pleasing to the community.

Canalia’s new villas are 2300 square feet, with a 1000 square foot finished basement, and are starting at $575,000. Two of the units have already been sold, and one has a pending contract, so there are two units left for sale.

“A home is something that never goes away,” said Canalia, “I can take my kids to every home I’ve built and show them what I’ve done, and there’s a lot of joy in that.”

“Pete is very transparent,” said Miskella, “There’s no hidden agenda, no hidden cost. What you see is what you get.”